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5 Price Comparison Tools That Will Save You Money

No matter whether you are shopping online or in-store, the following 5 tools RewardMe has selected can help you to find the best deals with the slightest effort.

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 【居家髮寶】8款暢銷美髮剪刀、理髮工具套裝 | 在家剪髮神器 | Amazon、HKTVMall 有售

疫情下,很多事情都要自力更生——剪頭髮也不例外。除了預約髮型師上門,在家恤髮都是一個無選擇中的選擇。RewardMe 今次為大家整合各款「剪髮神器」,輕鬆安坐家中 DIY 理髮。

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5 Apps Amazon Wishes You’ll Never Find Out – That Save You Huge Money On Daily Deals

The number one money-saving hack for shopping on Amazon would be registering for a cashback programme. Among numerous cashback schemes, RewardMe is one of the easiest to use. Simply download the RewardMe app on your mobile phone, register with your credit card or email account, then sit back, shop as usual and wait for your rewards to be transferred to your account automatically. All the receipt-tracking kind of troublesome work will be left to us so that users can enjoy a seamless shopping experience, while earning up to 10% cash rewards.

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