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Tight-fisted on a Big Mac in HK: Deliveroo VS Foodpanda VS McDelivery 🍔

McDonald’s Hong Kong never runs out of exciting deals and collaborations with celebrities. Whether you are a big fan of McD or not, sometimes you just want to enjoy fast food guilty pleasure by getting a Big Mac delivered to your home. 

Do You Pay More on Delivery Apps and if so, by How Much?

We all know that menu prices on online delivery apps are much higher than in restaurants. For McDonald’s Hong Kong, how’s the markup charge percentage? 

By comparing the prices of some best-selling items, we found that delivery app (Deliveroo, Foodpanda, and McDelivery) users pay 8% to 92% more than people who order the same food at the McDonald’s restaurant. Taking the Filet-O-Fish as an example, the markup costs almost as much as the burger itself.

McDonald's Hong Kong Price Comparison (Restaurants VS Delivery Apps)

Deliveroo VS Foodpanda VS McDelivery

Which online food delivery app should you use to order your burger meal – Deliveroo, Foodpanda, or McDelivery? Among all these big-name apps, it’s not easy to figure out which one is right for you.

We ordered the same “Burger Lover Combo for 1” from the same McDonald’s restaurant, at around the same time, on these 3 apps. This article takes a closer look at their prices, speed, and user experience.

Your order is on the way! Let’s see how each app fared.


McDonalds Deliveroo Price
  • Cost: HKD 80
    • Menu item: HKD 70
    • Delivery fee: HKD 8
    • Service fee: HKD 2
  • Speed: 26 minutes

Deliveroo’s app interface is simple and functional. When we search for “McDonald’s”, the app recommends the nearest restaurant with the estimated delivery time. After ordering, we can track the order’s status and get notified when the food is ready. 

Deliveroo gave us the cheapest, fastest delivery among the 3 apps.


McDonald's Foodpanda Price
  • Cost: HKD 87
    • Menu item: HKD 70
    • Delivery fee: HKD 15
    • Platform fee: HKD 2
  • Speed: 30 minutes

In this case, compared to Deliveroo, Foodpanda’s delivery fee nearly doubled.

One thing good about the Foodpanda app is that you can view the delivery fees and estimated delivery time for each restaurant in search results. You will receive an e-receipt once the restaurant accepts your order. Just like Deliveroo, you can track the order status and get notified when the meal has been delivered.


McDelivery Price Speed
  • Cost: HKD 90
    • Menu item: HKD 70
    • Delivery fee: HKD 20
  • Speed: 30 minutes

McDelivery offers a standard delivery fee of HKD 20. It is the most expensive Big Mac Combo among the 3 apps.

After entering the address, the app automatically locates the nearest McDonald’s restaurant. However, if you need a coffee from McCafe but don’t have one nearby, you may need to use other food delivery apps.

The app is not as user-friendly as Deliveroo or Foodpanda. We tried several times to checkout and the error message keeps popping up. After ordering, you will receive an e-receipt with an external link to track the order status.


Menu ItemHK$ 70HK$ 70HK$ 70
Delivery FeeHK$ 8HK$ 15HK$ 20
Service Fee/ Platform FeeHK$ 2HK$ 2/
Total CostHK$ 80HK$ 87HK$ 90
Delivery Speed26 min30 min30 min

Extra Tips: How to Earn Cashback on Burger Meals?

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