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How to Maximise your Cashback with the RewardMe App?

We call ourselves the most effortless cashback app to use, because the RewardMe app rewards users automatically on the purchases they make without any hassle. No affiliate links, no promo code, no expiration date. But how to maximise your cashback and rewards with RewardMe? 

Let’s go over the strategies for maximising the RewardMe app to its full potential.

First of all, in case you haven’t downloaded the app, RewardMe now is available to download on both  iOS or Android, supporting 11 languages and 100+ merchants worldwide.

RewardMe Screenshot: Cashback Summary Page

Overview of the RewardMe App Benefits:

  • Sign-up bonus: Earn 25 Reward Dollars with a referral code

Always sign up with a referral code! Use referral code 9xrOM6 to register, or the referral link:  https://get.reward.me/BmDZ56duVlb?r=9xrOM6 and earn 25 Reward Dollars for free now.

  • Referral Bonus: Earn 25 RewardMe Dollars every time your friend signs up

Share your own referral code or link right from the app: Find it through the “Referral” button on the home page

When your friend registers with your referral code, you’ll see the progress of your referral rewards on the “Referral Page”. It will show “pending”, until your friend successfully completes binding a valid email account. After that, both of you will be able to claim the referral rewards.

  • Cashback: Earn up to 10% of cashback on your favourite merchants

The best thing about earning cashback on RewardMe is it’s hassle-free. You do not need to upload receipts, or shop with any affiliate links, or even claim your rewards. 

Once you bind your email account that receives e-receipts of your purchases. The RewardMe app automatically identifies the eligible transactional e-receipts from your inbox and your cashback rewards will be shown in your app within 1-2 days.

Click on Rewards Summary on the main page, and you can clearly see the cashback details of each transaction. 

  • Redeem and Convert: Gift cards or Cryptocurrency

You can now redeem your reward dollars in either eGift cards, or the Me token(a new token which is still in the pre-mining stage). From time to time, the egift card pool will refresh the list and new  merchants will show up. Make sure you read the terms of service of each egift card before redeeming it. 

You can also convert between Me token and the Reward Dollars from the Wallet Page, however, make sure you read the conversion rate between the two. Currently 1 ME = 0.99RD, and vice versa. 

RewardMe Screenshot: Giftcard Redeem Page

Strategies for maximising your RewardMe rewards

  • Double Rewards: Earn double on top of other reward programs

RewardMe app does not work exclusively on your purchases, actually it encourages users to earn double/or extra by utilizing multiple reward programs at the same time. 

For example,

If you’re a RewardMe Elite level user in Hong Kong, and you look to get cashback on your daily Foodpanda food delivery orders.

What you can do earn double:

Select Foodpanda as your favorite merchant in RewardMe (2% cashback)

Pay your orders with Mox Credit Card (5% cashback)

That equals to 7% cashback on every Foodpanda order you made!

  • Sign in with the right account: Every purchase Counts!

Remember to sign in the account where you get most e-receipts, so you are eligible for all these transactions. RewardMe will automatically identify these e-receipts from the inbox and reward you right in the app.

  • Upgrade membership: Get to Elite or Extra level to earn more
RewardMe Membership tiers and benefits

A higher tier of the membership entitles users with a much higher rate of cashback, from 0.5% to 10%. To upgrade your RewardMe membership, you can either invite more friends to join, or join its staking program(which we will introduce later). For now, Extra level is the easiest level to upgrade to,  or you need to do is Bind 2 Email accounts and Refer 1 friend. Remember a valid referral means your friend also signs in with a valid email account.

  • Earn through Tasks: Daily check-in, follow social media and more

Make use of the Earn page of RewardMe, currently you can finish small tasks as daily check in (which is the easiest), bind more accounts (currently 25 reward dollars), invite friends (currently 25 reward dollars), follow RewardMe’s social media accounts (currently 10 reward dollars), and even set up secure PIN code (currently 10 reward dollars). RewardMe also introduced the Survey feature which allows you to take part in third party online surveys and earn more (rewards start from 500 reward dollars)

  • Join Staking Program: Deposit $MDT and see daily payout

This feature is for cryptocurrency users. If you’re familiar with RewardMe’s ecosystem, you will know it’s part of a blockchain-based data ecosystem MDT, where consumers are able to anonymously share and monetize their own data, while also providing data buyers and providers with a more efficient trading model. 

Underpinning this ecosystem is the Measurable Data Token (MDT), an Ethereum token used as a medium of exchange between users sharing their data and businesses that access it. 

To join the staking program, users can deposit the $MDT cryptocurrency into the RewardMe app, and it entitles users with daily payout in $ME tokens(a new token which is still in pre-mining stage). The Staking program not only helps users earn the staking rewards, it helps users upgrade to a much higher membership level, for example: Elite, Infinite level. 

If your top priority is getting the most value out of online shopping, get RewardMe! It’s a growing reward ecosystem where more features and opportunities will arrive for its users. Get it early and enjoy the perks effortlessly. The only mistake you can make – is to forget signing up with a referral code – 

Always sign up with a referral code! Use referral code 9xrOM6 to register, or the referral link:  https://get.reward.me/BmDZ56duVlb?r=9xrOM6 and get  25 Reward Dollars for free.

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